Adobe Flash

Open the starter document

Now that you have seen the completed file, it is time to create your own Flash document. To get started, you'll open a starter file that contains a few graphics to which you will apply gradients.

  1. In Flash, select File > Open.

  2. Navigate to the following directory:

    • In Windows: Hard Disk\Program Files\Macromedia\Flash 8\Samples and Tutorials\Tutorial Assets\Creating Graphics\

    • On the Macintosh: Hard Disk/Applications/Macromedia Flash 8/Samples and Tutorials/Tutorial Assets/Creating Graphics/

  3. Open the gradients_start.fla file.

Apply a linear gradient

In this section you will add a linear gradient to the background.

  1. Click the Selection tool in the Tools panel.

  2. Select the gray box in the layer named Background.

  3. Select Window > Color Mixer to display the Color Mixer panel.

  4. In the Color Mixer's Type pop-up menu, select Linear.

  5. Double-click the right gradient color swatch and select the color green (#006600).

    Selecting the right gradient color swatch in the Color Mixer

    Selecting the color green #006600 in the Color Picker

  6. Double-click the left gradient color swatch and select the color black (#000000).

  7. Select the Gradient Transform tool from the Tools panel. The Gradient Transform controls appear on the Stage around the gradient.

    The Gradient Transform tool

  8. Drag the Gradient Rotate handle to rotate the linear gradient clockwise as shown.

    The Gradient Rotate handle

    Rotating the gradient clockwise

  9. Lock the Background layer in the Timeline to prevent further changes to this layer.

  10. Select File > Save to save your FLA file.