Adobe Flash

Create a radial gradient

Next, you will add a radial gradient to the black eight ball.

Double-click the black circle in the layer called Ball. This opens the group containing the eight-ball shape.

Select the black circle shape. You will apply a gradient to this shape. Do not select the number "8" on the eight ball.

In the Color Mixer panel select Radial from the Type pop-up menu. Select Mirror Overflow mode from the Overflow pop-up menu.

The correct Radial Type and Mirror Overflow settings

Double-click the left gradient color swatch and select the color black (#000000).

Double-click the right gradient color swatch and type 002200 into the color text box. Press Enter.

Drag the left gradient color swatch to the right about three-fourths of the way as shown in the following illustration. This makes the green part of the gradient appear only in the outer 25% of the ball shape.

Dragging a gradient color swatch

Select the Zoom tool from the Tools panel and click the circle shape to magnify it.

Select the Gradient Transform tool in the Tools panel.

Rotate the radial gradient 90 clockwise by dragging the Gradient Rotate handle.

Dragging to rotate the gradient 90 clockwise.

Select the Focal Point control and drag it near the top of the circle.

Dragging the Focal Point control toward the top of the circle shape

Select the center control point and drag the entire gradient upward a short distance as shown in the following illustration. The mirrored overflow gradient is at the bottom of the circle.

Dragging the center control point upwards

Select the Selection tool in the Tools panel.

Double-click the Zoom tool to return the Stage area to a view of 100%.

Double-click the Stage area to deselect the eight-ball group.

Select File > Save to save your FLA file.