Adobe Flash

How to use Gradients Tools in Flash

This tutorial guides you through the process of using the gradient tools in Flash Basic 8 and Flash Professional 8. With Flash, you can create simple color gradients and complex gradient effects. In this tutorial, you learn how to do some of both.

A gradient is an area of a graphic where one color changes into another color. Flash can create two main types of gradients: linear and radial. Linear gradients change color along a single axis, such as horizontal or vertical. A radial gradient changes color in an outward direction starting from a focal point. You can adjust the direction of the gradient, its colors, the location of the focal point, and many other properties of gradients.

The following illustrations show the two types of gradients:

A two-color linear gradient from red to black

A two-color radial gradient from red to black

This tutorial takes you through the steps to create an illustration using an assortment of gradients.

After examining the completed illustration, you'll begin by opening a starter Flash document and end by publishing the document for web playback. The tutorial should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Before you take this tutorial you should read "Flash Basics", in Flash Help.