Application Object Events

The Workbook and Worksheet events occur for a particular workbook or for a particular worksheet. But the Application-level events occurs for the Excel application which affect all available workbooks and worksheets. You’ll not find any code module in the VBA Project Explorer tree for writing the code for Application events. You can enable Application-Events by writing some VBA code in ThisWorkbook code module. See how to listen Application events. Following is the list of Application events with brief description:

  1. ProtectedViewWindowActivate
    Workbook activated in Protected View mode.
  2. ProtectedViewWindowBeforeClose
    Workbook closed in Protected View mode.
  3. ProtectedViewWindowBeforeEdit
    Editing mode enabled of a protected workbook.
  4. ProtectedViewWindowDeactivate
    Workbook deactivated in Protected View mode.
  5. ProtectedViewWindowOpen
    Workbook opened in Protected View mode.
  6. ProtectedViewWindowResize
    Window resized of the protected workbook.
  7. SheetActivate
    Any sheet is activated.
  8. SheetBeforeDelete
    Any worksheet is deleted.
  9. SheetBeforeDoubleClick
    Any worksheet is double-clicked.
  10. SheetBeforeRightClick
    Any worksheet is right-clicked.
  11. SheetCalculate
    Any worksheet is recalculated.
  12. SheetChange
    Cell in any worksheet is changed.
  13. SheetDeactivate
    Any sheet is deactivated.
  14. SheetFollowHyperlink
    User clicked any hyperlink in any sheet.
  15. SheetLensGalleryRenderComplete
    User selected the Quick Analysis tool in any sheet.
  16. SheetSelectionChange
    Selection changed on any worksheet.
  17. SheetTableUpdate
    Table object changed or updated on any worksheet.
  18. SheetPivotTableAfterValueChange
    Cells edited inside a pivot table in any sheet.
  19. SheetPivotTableBeforeAllocateChanges
    A pivot table is updated from its OLAP data source in any sheet.
  20. SheetPivotTableBeforeCommitChanges
    A OLAP pivot table updates its data source in any sheet.
  21. SheetPivotTableBeforeDiscardChanges
    A OLAP pivot table discards changes from its data source in any sheet.
  22. SheetPivotTableUpdate
    A pivot table updated in any sheet.
  23. WorkbookPivotTableCloseConnection
    A pivot table report closes its connection to its data source.
  24. WorkbookPivotTableOpenConnection
    A pivot table report opens a connection to its data source.
  25. WorkbookRowsetComplete
    A user drills through a record set or calls upon the row set action on an OLAP pivot table.
  26. WorkbookAfterXmlExport
    User exported or saved XML data.
  27. WorkbookAfterXmlImport
    User imported the XML data.
  28. WorkbookBeforeXmlExport
    Before exporting the XML data.
  29. WorkbookBeforeXmlImport
    Before importing the XML data.
  30. WindowActivate
    Workbook window is activated.
  31. WindowDeactivate
    Workbook window is deactivated.
  32. WindowResize
    Workbook window is resized.
  33. WorkbookActivate
    Workbook is activated
  34. WorkbookDeactivate
    Any open workbook is deactivated.
  35. AfterCalculate
    All calculation activities completed.
  36. WorkbookAddinInstall
    An addin installed.
  37. WorkbookAddinUninstall
    An addin uninstalled.
  38. WorkbookAfterRemoteChange
    Workbook remotely edited.
  39. WorkbookBeforeRemoteChange
    Before workbook remotely edited.
  40. WorkbookSync
    A user synchronizes the local copy of a sheet in a workbook that is part of a document workspace with the copy on the server.
  41. WorkbookAfterSave
    Workbook is saved.
  42. WorkbookBeforeClose
    Before any open workbook closes.
  43. WorkbookBeforeSave
    Before any open workbook is saved.
  44. WorkbookOpen
    A workbook is opened
  45. WorkbookBeforePrint
    Before any open workbook is printed.
  46. WorkbookModelChange
    Data Model changed in a workbook.
  47. NewWorkbook
    A new workbook is created.
  48. WorkbookNewChart
    A new chart is created in any open workbook
  49. WorkbookNewSheet
    A new sheet is created in any open workbook