Microsoft Excel 2019

Excel File Formats and Extensions

In this tutorial we'll discuss the file formats supported by Excel.

Cell and Range

A cell is a single element in a worksheet and a range is a collection (or groups) of one or more cells. This tutorial covoers the following topics: 1. Relative, Absolute, Mix & Named References 2. R1C1 Reference Style 3. External References to other worksheets and workbooks

VBA and Macros

Learn how to use VBA to develop macros to automate tasks and manipulate objects to control Office applications. 1. Absolute and Relative Macro Recording 2. VBA Editor (VBE) 3. VBA Data Types 4. VBa Data Types Examples

Custom / User Defined Functions

Learn how to create and use UDFs.

How to use Loops in VBA

VBA provides a number of ways to use loops in your code. In this tutorial, you’ll learn about the different types of loops. VBA provides several different looping structures. This tutorial covers the following topics: 1. For Each … Next Loop 2. Do While Loop 3. Do Until Loop

Working with Events

Excel fires events in response of user actions. Events are procedures that automatically trigger when something happens to the Excel application.

Excel Add-Ins

Learn how to create add-ins to get additional functionality from the Excel.

Using XML with Excel

Learn how to create an XML document. 1. Import XML Documents 2. Export Data to XML Document

Getting Started

Learn previous versions of Microsoft Excel